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Claus Stecher

Audio Engineer
Live Mixing
Studio Recording & Mixing

Latest Studio Work

In my project studio, I devote myself to the art of mixing, but that’s only part of what I do.

For writing or recording, I’m able to find the environment that’s best suited for the requested situation, thanks to my connections with various studios, engineers and rentals.
This flexibility allows me to focus on what’s essential: the music and the needs of the people I work with.

These are my latest (published) works:

Bands i am part of as main FOH Engineer


Berlin based, captivating music group that seamlessly blends classical instruments with modern beats, creating a unique and exhilarating symphonic experience.

Max von Milland

Munich based, exceptional singer-songwriter, renowned for his emotive music and lyrics sung in South Tyrolean dialect.

Saint City Orchestra

Swiss based, high-energy irish punkrock sextet touring all over europe. One of the hottest live acts around.

See my live Schedule

2024 | MAX VON MILLAND | Tour dates TBA
09.03.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | Grabenhalle, St.Gallen (CH)
15.03.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | FULDA Kreuz, Fulda (DE)
16.03.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | halle 101, speyer (De)
22.03.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | conrad sohm, Dornbirn (AT)
23.03.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | Komma, Wörgl (AT)
06.04.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | Mühle, hunziken (ch)
20.04.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | Musigburg, Aarburg (ch)
27.04.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | rhema, altstätten (ch)
04.05.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | rattenfest, Rapperswil (ch)
17.05.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | WGT Festival, Leipzig (DE)
18.05.2024 | MAX VON MILLAND | Circus Krone, München (DE)
25.05.2024 | SYMPHONIACS | Klagenfurt Festival, Klagenfurt (AT)
24.05.2024 | Zeit | Lana Festival, Lana (IT)
31.05.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | CELTIC Fest, avenches (ch)
01.06.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | jungwacht blauring, engelburg (ch)
15.06.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | 1200 jahre gossau, gossau (ch)
21.06.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | feuertanz festival, burg abenberg (de)
22.06.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | kantonales musikfest, urdorf (ch)
06.09.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | irish openair toggenburg, ennetbühl (CH)
09.11.2024 | SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA | Eisenwerk, frauenfeld (CH)

About Cluzifermix

Claus Stecher is a Zurich based, skilled and versatile Tonmeister with expertise in live band recording and mixing. He’s an experienced traveler, touring extensively across Europe, and has a deep understanding of various music styles. His adaptability and vast equipment knowledge make him a sought-after professional in the industry.

Let’s make something amazing together


Sonnenhofstrasse 2
8952 Schlieren (CH)